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Surrounded by hills of nature and endless beauty, this vibrant Northwest Arkansas town is full of activities and adventure. Fayetteville has been listed as one of the top five places to stay in the US for three years in a row, and a visit will show you why.

There are also a few runaway cities in the area, but most are about 45 minutes away, and most are definitely worth a trip. The cities of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville (which we will report on in a later post) make up the bulk of our trip, while Eureka Springs and Bella Vista are just a short drive away. These places are quite far away from F Arkansas, but would also be ideal for a short break from anywhere. This place is made up of a series of interconnected trails, parks, hiking trails and trails that run through several cities in northwest Arkansas, so it is definitely a place to do.

If you love the thought of a train ride, visit our Arkansas - Missouri Train Excursion for more information. Bus service to the Northwest Arkansas metropolitan areas is available, and if you want to, you can read it here.

The Central Station is just a 15-minute drive from Fayetteville, and from there you can take a vintage train on scenic excursions through the Ozarks and other cities. There are many other historic sites to visit, including the Arkansas State Capitol, the Arkansas State Historic Site and the Missouri and Arkansas National Cemeteries.

If you visit some of Fayetteville's hidden gems, take the time to browse the stacks of books, and you can round off your calendar with the local zine, the F Arkansas flyer. With my sister-in-law - in - law and her husband, who are moving there in the mid-2020s, I have compiled a list of activities in and around F Lafayetteville. Take a closer look at your new home and add more things from Northwest Arkansas to your list. Here are the 25 most important things I ticked off during my visit to Fenton, Arkansas, during my trip to the Ozarks last year.

Arkansas has long had a central region surrounded by the capital, Little Rock, and a northwestern region around the University of Fayetteville. When I moved here, I quickly realized that most people called this area their "habitat," which took getting used to. Razorback sports are obviously a big deal here, and Northwest Arkansas is also home to the University of Arkansas, but there are many other things in and around F. Lafayetteville, as well as other parts of the Ozarks, that make it a great place to visit.

Add elegant facilities and good concessions to your list of Fayetteville, Arkansas activities. I am here to do homework and attend local schools, but I am also a student at the University of Arkansas in F. Lafayetteville (UAF) for the summer.

If you're studying Civil War history, Arkansas is full of places to visit, including Pea Ridge National Military Park. This place is one of the most magical places in Fayetteville and certainly offers space for outdoor activities. There are many great restaurants and bars in the area, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants.

If you're looking for a fun relapse activity that's also social - distantly friendly, look at the 112 drive - in. Fayetteville is attractive for its geographical location in the Ozarks, with great views of the surrounding lakes and rivers and the UofA campus where you can play. If you are in F Arkansas for a weekend and just want to get away for the weekend, you will probably find a chic hotel, hotel room or even a hotel. Just look at your calendar and when you come to F Lafayetteville, you will have the experience you want, whether it's a day trip, an overnight stay in a local bar, an overnight stay in one of the many hotels or just a trip to the local shopping center.

If you're looking for a place to cool off from the summer heat off the beaten track in Fayetteville, check out Beaver Lake. It offers beautiful views of the Ozarks, the river and the lake, as well as many hiking and cycling opportunities. If you're looking for something different from the typical tourist attractions of F Lafayetteville, then you should visit Lake Wedington Recreation Area with its beautiful lakes and rivers.

Stroll through the countryside, enjoy a picnic or enjoy live music in Northwest Arkansas during the summer months. Lake Fayetteville and its park are the perfect place to get out and enjoy Arkansas "natural beauty! The Ozarks Botanical Garden is a small garden, but it is full of beautiful plants, flowers, trees and plants.

The 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville is one of the best hotels in Arkansas and the only hotel in the state with its own museum. It is located in an arboretum where every tree found in Arkansas has one or more.

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More About Fayetteville