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FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas - The Westin Hotel in Arkansas, one of the city's most luxurious hotels, is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of construction work. There, a herd of more than 50 construction workers is racing to get a massive $15 million facelift to restore it to its former glory.

Thompson and his crew are putting in 10-hour days on opening day to bring the Chancellor to life. It's exciting to see this project at the 11th hour, "Thrash said last week, and he's pleased with the progress of the project so far, especially on the first floor of the Westin.

Heifner said he couldn't wait to get the hotel full again after limping for years while the hall was in limbo. Jerde said she was looking forward to the challenge of running a 15-story, 200-room hotel.

Thompson's crew used cast stone tiles for the deck and pool area, as well as the outside of the hotel. Thompson and his crew used stone tiles in the pool and on deck, as well as concrete and concrete floors.

Kingston spent more than a year trying to find a buyer who had the funds to complete the extensive renovations. The plans included a complete renovation, which began in 2007 but was aborted in May 2008 when the financing by the bank ANB National failed. He said it was sad to see the company's decline, as it was when funding dried up after the deaths of hotel owner Richard Kingston and his wife. The building itself is more than 30 years old and has undergone several name and management changes but has never undergone a complete overhaul, said owners Iike Thrash and Sam Thompson, both of Fayetteville.

At that time, the loan had a recoverable balance of $12.5 million and had been sold to Kingston Management Services. The owners, John and Richard Kingston Jr., borrowed $16.2 million to buy the hotel, which was then known as Cosmopolitan at the height of the real estate market, according to the Fayetteville Times.

General Manager Alex Jerde was present at the time and oversaw the construction of the first two floors and the second floor. As of Monday, July 23, he said he had only 36 employees.

The hotel has 15 floors, but as is usual in the hotel industry, floor 13 was skipped and renamed to 14. The posh suites that exist are inspired by the eponymous hotel, and a slightly smaller suite called the Old Main Ozark Presidential is also offered. Chancellor has an adjoining room with a private pool, private dining room and private bathroom, and an outdoor terrace.

Guests have access to a parking deck and valet parking. I don't think people believe what they see with their own eyes, but I think it's much better than it was at the beginning, "Jerde said. With Razorback fans already clamoring to hang pig hats in a top-notch, affordable hotel, the Chancellor has already booked himself up for the coming season.

Since its completion in 1981, the hotel has hosted Hilton, Radisson and Cosmopolitan and experienced ups and downs. While most of the furniture is still wrapped in plastic and the pool is without water, it is slowly resembling everything the city has to offer. The 30-year-old building will include a restaurant on the first floor, which will attract foot traffic from the local business community.

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