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From October 2019, Bentonville will be one of the state's best secrets and that won't last long. In this charming town there is a beautiful park, perfect for a family adventure. It's well known, but in Arkansas it's so well hidden , it feels as if it is the best kept secret. According to locals, we've rounded up some of our best places for families in Bentonsville.

The location is within walking distance of Elmwood Middle School and offers access to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants in the area.

Just 10 minutes away is the Crown Center Coliseum and Expo Center, which offers numerous sports facilities and meeting rooms. Kruschiko hopes the facility can compete with the numerous events held at the Fayetteville Town Center on downtown's plaza. The flexible space at the Garden Inn would be able to host group events such as concerts, sporting events and other large events, he said. A ballroom is supposed to seat 200 to 300 people, with 1,000 to 2,500 seats, according to the city.

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Tontitown is centrally located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, and for a limited time BowTech will offer free parking on S. Highway 412, located south of the Arkansas State Capitol Building on the east side of Fayetteville. The Paw Tree (Asimina triloba) is a native fruit tree that grows in Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. There are fruit trees throughout the state of Arkansas from Arkansas to Tennessee and even as far as Arkansas City, Arkansas.

This location is located on the east side of Fayetteville in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, south of the Arkansas State Capitol Building. This park features Arkansas highest peak and is conveniently located just a few miles north of Tontitown on S. Highway 412.

Arkansas, also known as the "Natural State," is located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, just a few miles north of Tontitown on S. Highway 412. Although Arkansas is not the first choice for a vacation because of its proximity to the Mississippi River, the park remains one of the state's best kept secrets.

The Northwest corner of the state offers culture and recreation for the whole family, including a variety of IMBA-approved hiking trails and parks, as well as some of Arkansas best-kept secrets. Eureka Springs is an ideal vacation destination, with a diverse mix of restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment set against the beautiful natural backdrop of the Ozark Mountains.

Little Rock is home to the largest library and temple in the state, the Clinton Presidential Library, as well as the Arkansas State Library. The top activities in the center of the district put you in the crosshairs of Arkansas "most popular tourist attractions, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the State Capitol. Climbing, a secret in Arkansas, is made possible by a variety of climbing trails and parks, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities, making it an ideal holiday destination for families with children.

The KG maintains two other hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Garden Inn site, and Kruschikker said that the Holiday Inn Express, which is run by Matt Behrend, was bought by KHG in 2005. "There are thoughtful amenities and added value, including a full-service restaurant, fitness center, spa and wellness area, at the Bentonville hotel," he said, adding that a third property at the site had been in the planning stages for some time.

Managed by Diana Baker, Homewood Suites is a Hilton-branded upscale hotel designed for long-stay bookings. Founded in 2000, KHG manages more than 1,000 rooms, and customers expect a high level of service and amenities in their hotels and resorts. Springdale, Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas offer a good mix of hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. I - Rogers in Springville has the largest number of shops, but if you have time to wander to Bella Vista south of F Arkansas, you can find them all in one place and have a great view of the Arkansas River and the Ozark Mountains.

The Walmart Museum in Bentonville may not be the most obvious day, but Oaklawn Racing & Gaming is great for a family outing. Five attractions in northwest Arkansas are within a two-hour drive of each other, and all are must-see attractions in Arkansas. Arkansas is a must-see for families with children and families of all ages, as well as adults, starting September 3, 2019.

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More About Fayetteville