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To celebrate the 2015-16 college football season, Food Republic is launching a new series, SEC FoodBall. Every week we will introduce a city to the South East Conference and, more importantly, tell you what to eat, drink and eat if you are lucky enough to attend a game there.

The new program is looking for volunteers to help fill the pantry and act as shoppers on Friday. We are also looking for groups and companies to organize food drives for items that will provide families with items throughout the summer.

The pantry will be located in the Activity Center building, located on the second floor of the Bentonville - Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Office building. It is a bit of a drive from Arkansas City Hall and the Arkansas State Museum, but it is North America's first museum dedicated to the art of this new millennium.

If you want a quality cup of coffee or just need a casual place to meet, this is the place for you. Onyx has several locations in NWA, but this brunch spot is new to Fayetteville, so try to have breakfast during the week. The waiting time on Saturday and Sunday can be between 30 minutes and one hour and the queue will be at the door. Be patient and, if the floor is no longer on the agenda, I can promise you that the wait will be longer.

The Blackboard Grocery Store is just a few steps away on Dickson Street And it's the perfect place to have lunch before or after class on campus, as K Hall & Sons is one of Fayetteville's best lunch spots, with a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and snacks. Bell's has had a good run with its breakfast and lunch menu in recent years.

Indian and Greek torches, they offer tacos that take up the taco with an Indian and Greek torch. In addition to their most famous tacos, you will also find grilled chicken, quesadillas and a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, salads and snacks.

There are a variety of food trucks at both the Yacht Club and the College of Fayetteville, and Levi's Gastrolounge in Rogers is delicious. This food truck is located outside the yacht club and offers a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, sandwiches and snacks. Note from Mum: I'm not sure what to do. M is a big fan of her sweet and sour sweets like cream ice cream and chocolate biscuits.

This truck serves a variation of the typical sandwich hidden in the back corner of the parking lot at the College of Fayetteville and the Yacht Club in Rogers.

You can order or build your own, but you can also watch them in the back corner of the parking lot at the College of Fayetteville and the yacht club in Rogers. Filled with crêpes, cream cheese, eggs, bacon and a variety of toppings, these crêpes are famous in Northwest Arkansas.

Grab your significant other or group of friends and head to Bentonville to see this place. Want to give yourself a romantic Arkansas / Ozark experience and make it to Fayetteville for the weekend?

Would you like to have a dinner or two, but be a little more creative with your food choices and a little more budget - friendly? This week, the pantry will stock food that children and families can easily prepare for breakfast and lunch. Families who register for the school district have the option to buy the pantry for free every Friday for 11 weeks. It offers a whole new way of thinking about food insecurity and it is free for families with children under 5.

The Root Cafe aims to build a community around local food and bring it to the masses. Bell is a big fan, but he also has a favorite vegetarian restaurant in Fayetteville. Greenhouse Grille is one of his favourite restaurants in town and he is also a big fan of Taqueria Guadalajara, which I love to visit - for a cheap lunch. He also suggests crossing the Arkansas River north and eating at the new restaurant on the south side of the river.

There's nothing wrong with a rib sandwich, but if it calls your name, try Moo Pig Sooie - it's decorated with Pulled Pork and you can enjoy it on a hot dog bun or even as a side dish. The Sweet Zone offers a variety of desserts and sweet treats, of which I am always a fan when I can enjoy them. Make your own ice cream sandwich or enjoy one of the many desserts, such as the chocolate ice cream sandwich or the strawberry ice cream.

Cuban sandwiches are prepared with a variety of twists, but the basic options will always be my favorite. They offer things like empanadas, tostones and yucca, and you can't go wrong with their signature deluxe burger. If you feel like it, they also offer a selection of sandwiches, such as the Chicken and Beef Sandwich or the Beef and Cheese Sandwich. I can't wait to try the mojo sandwich - marinated pork, chicken and cheese, or even pork chops.

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